Carpets are not cheap. They are quite expensive, actually. Luxury carpets even more so. And, if you are investing this much in a carpet, you would naturally want that investment to last you for as long as possible. So, how do you keep your carpet looking new even after many, many years? The answer just might be greener carpet cleaning practices.

Traditional carpet cleaning methods, sometimes, use cleaning agents that have many harmful chemicals in them. These chemicals are bad for both you and your environment. What is more, is that these chemicals can also be bad for the carpet itself. However, greener alternatives, on the other hand – use safer chemicals that work just as efficiently as any traditional cleaning agent but without any of the negative side effects.

Some things to take into consideration if you are thinking about eco-friendly carpet cleaning options:

1. Make sure you are using cleaning agents that do not have any harmful chemicals in them

When you are buying cleaning agents for your carpet, make sure you read the label printed on the bottles first.

Check what chemicals each product contains. Carpet shampoos that contain solvents are bad as a general rule of thumb. Look for greener alternatives with citrus-based or non-petrochemical solvents in them.

2. Avoid any acidic carpet cleaning products as well

So, what are some chemicals that you should avoid at all costs? Well, for starters – you can keep a lookout for any acidic compounds like formaldehyde, hydroxyacetic acid, tributyltin, etc. You can also lookup any carpet cleaning product online if you want to find out more about it. You can get to know what all ingredients there are in that product – what is harmful and what is not. It only takes a few minutes but can really help you keep safe.

3. Simply just hire a professional eco-friendly carpet cleaning company

If you are going to hire a professional carpet cleaning in Durham company to clean your carpets, then why not consider hiring an environmentally friendly carpet cleaning company instead? They are equally good (better even). Also, they already know how to be greener in their approach so that you will not have to do all the research from scratch on your own about how you can be more environmentally friendly in your approach to carpet cleaning.